State of health emergency: CNDP and employer obligations

The employer has to provide all measures for the safety, hygiene and health protection of employees at the workplace, he must prevent any employee affected by the virus to enter the workplace.

In this context, and exceptionally, for the duration of the state of health emergency, the CNDP grants employers :

  • The possibility of using tools to take the temperature of employees, subcontractors and visitors, (the data controller has to inform the data subjects, with a poster or a pictogram)
  • The possibility of refusing access to any person refusing this measure.
  • The possibility to use, the adequate technological means for the collection of individually body temperature and to establish temperature history curves (under the control of the occupational medicine).

Personal data collected in the context of this health crisis must be destroyed once the declared or authorized purpose has been achieved.

All the above-mentioned processing operations must be notified to the CNDP (A simplified notification procedure for a single authorization request has been set up for this purpose: Requests for processing may thus be sent by e-mail to the CNDP)

Written by Nezha BELKHADIR Legal Manager