Today 24 March 2020, press release on the tax site clarifies the deferral of tax returns that can now be considered confirmed and applicable.

Declarations concerned :
Only the following declarations are deferred

  • The declaration of the fiscal result (balance sheet and its annexes);
  • The additional corporate income tax due for the financial year 2019;
  • The first instalment due for the current year.

The other declarations (VAT, withholding tax on salaries, dividends, interest, royalties, etc.) for which the companies are simple intermediary collectors must be filed and paid.

Firms concerned :

  • Deferral without formalities: companies whose declared turnover for the 2018 financial year is less than MAD 20 million, can, if they wish and without formalities, benefit from the deferral of tax declarations and tax payment from March 31 to the end of June.
  • Postponement with agreement: companies whose turnover is equal to or greater than MAD 20 million, which suffer enormous economic damage due to the drastic decline in activity and are faced with financial difficulties, may request from the Minister of Finance or the person delegated by him for this purpose, a benevolent measure allowing them to benefit from a deferral or postponement of tax payment. The benefit of these benevolent measures is subject to an individualized examination of the requests, taking into account the circumstances invoked and the elements justifying the situation and the financial difficulties of each company.